People Counters

People counters are used to count visitors in shops, libraries, museums and shopping mauls in different ways. You can count how many visitors that are present in the facillities or per hour, day, week, month or year. You can read the visitors data with radio, network and in a cloudservice.

You can store the data on a server or a PC and the software can show data either in listed form or in graphics. Further you can also connect the software to registers to show the money flow versus sales.

We have different counters for different needs.

With SensMax you count the visitors with IR beams.

With V-count 2D you use a camera unit and software with video processing to do the counting.

With V-Count 3D you use a double camera unit with video processing up to 3,5 m over the visitors with a very exact counting.


  • Last Updated:Friday 13 May 2022, 17:24:01.