SensMax Pro S1 Single Direction Personal Counter

SensMax Pro S1 Single Direction Personal Counter 2,4GHz. Price  SEK 2890kr +VAT


SensMax Pro S1 designed for counting people in retail stores where is need to measure visitors traffic. People counting system helps to collect statistics about customers who are visiting stores and display it in various reports per hour, day, week, month and year.

Retail people counters fits both small retail store and multi country retail chain. Using wireless people counters SensMax Pro S1 gives you opportunity to reduce installation costs and dramatically reduce time needed for installation, so if you need to equip 100 stores, one technician can install up to 10 stores per day.  

Data from people counter sensors can be read by automatic people counter data collector that is connected directly to a router and transfers data to a HQ via local area network or Internet.


  • Last Updated:Friday 13 May 2022, 17:24:01.