SensMax Pro TCPIP Data Collector


SensMax Pro TCPIP Data Collector. Price SEK 2490kr (+VAT)


Electronic people counters need to deliver people counting statistics to central database. For this purpose, there is a need for a data collector that reads retail traffic data from sensors and forwards it to central database.

SensMax TCPIP data collector for retail store traffic counters designed to automate in-store people traffic statistics reading from electronic people counters. As well as it reads data from customer satisfaction survey buttons.

It is industrial device for direct connection to a network router or a switch. Data reading and forwarding from electronic people counters and customer survey buttons to the central database processed in automatic mode. 

SensMax TCPIP data collector has built in protection from any hang-up caused by electricity faults. It is very reliable device in terms of uptime and best fit for installation in network of retail stores. 

Data collector is connected directly to a local network and does not use the local computer in the collection and transmission of data, which significantly improves fault tolerance of people counting system as a whole. Data reading from people counters is conducted in the automatic mode. The data collector can support up to 10 unidirectional people counters or 5 bidirectional people counters, keeping in the internal memory up to 250 days hourly statistics from all served people counters. Statistical data are sent to the central office in the automatic mode via local area network or Internet every 20 minutes.

The data collector SensMax Pro TCP is used to read data from people counter SensMax Pro D3.

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