SensMax DE wireless bidirectional personal counter




SensMax DE wireless bidirectional personal counter. SEK 3490kr (excl VAT)


SensMax DE is a bidirectional personal counter. The sensors are used to count visitor in- and out in environments without network connections.

Perfect for libraries, museums and shops. Crossing data with time and date are stored in the internal memory up to 250 days.  All data can be transferred over via IR to the manual collector. (Further down on the page).

Then the data will be transferred into the software on a PC to show the data in graphical mode or listed form. SensMax SE and DE have no need for any IT structure. The wireless sensors will be installed and will not interfere with any other equipment. No cables!

The lifetime of the batteries will last up to 2 years.

  • Exhibition halls
  • Café
  • Stores
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Museums

Simple Installation - The sensors are glued with double-side tape. No cables.

Large internal memory - Up to 250 days can be stored.

Long time without maintenance -  Can store crossings up to 2 years without changing batteries.

The personal counter works independently - No direct connection to a computer.

Manual Data Collector

SensMax SE/DE data collector for reading data from SensMax SE & DE. Price SEK 2950kr (+ VAT)

This manual data collector is used to read data from the sensors and then transfer data to a computer with the software EasyReport. Just hold it 10cm from the the unit the serial number and press the green button. The collector can save 100 counters data in over 2000 days.

After you have downloaded the data from the sensor, just connect the collector a computer and click on "download Data" in EasyReport. After that you can analyse and present all data as you wish. 

Technical Specifications

Reading data IR channel
Distance to read
10cm to 30cm
How many counters can be stored
Up to 100
Memory 2000 days
Power (charges via USB)
Li-Ion 600mA battery (60days on one charge)
Dimensioner 110 x 25 x 25mm
Connection to  computer

EasyReport manual

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