SensMax GPRS data collector for D3 sensors. Pris 2890kr SEK  (+VAT)

The advantage of the visitor counting system SensMax Pro GPRS is in the use of the wireless visitor counters SensMax Pro D3 with the function of detecting the direction of the visitors' movement that, in addition to attendance statistics of the object, lets you to determine the number of visitors in a particular zone of the object. For example, you can determine the number of visitors on a particular floor of the entertainment centre or occupancy of night club rooms. Data on number of visitors are displayed both in the form of statistics, and in real time.

Due to the unique innovative technology XLP (Extreeme Low Power), developed by SensMax, working life of wireless bidirectional counters is up to 1-1.5 years with AA batteries, which is a unique design and has no analogues in the world. We recommend using the data collector SensMax GPRS with the function of transfer statistical data via the mobile operator. Thus the visitor counting system is completely independent of the presence of any IT infrastructure or a connection to it, as well as easy to install, with no construction work for installation of communication cables.

Technical Specifications

Transmission to SensMax GPRS Wireless 2,4GHz
Distance between sensors and SensMax GPRS 20-50meter
Max sensor
PC connection  USB
 GSM 800/900/1800/1900 Mhz
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