SensMax Pro D3 SLR Wireless Bi-directional personal counter, 868MHz. Pris SEK 4390kr (+VAT)


Wireless people counters SensMax Pro D3 SLR are used to count visitors at the premises where it is important to determine the direction of visitors movement, as well as to determine and control in automatic mode the number of visitors being in the room or in a certain area of the premises.

Statistical data are sent to the data collector using a wireless communication interface every few minutes. To determine the movement of visitors, bidirectional people counters produce 200 scans per second, consuming much more energy than conventional unidirectional counters, which produce up to 20 scans per second. The use of  XLP technology (Extreme Low Power) in people counters allows you to provide operation of bidirectional people counters SensMax Pro D3 with batteries within 1-1.5 years, which is a unique design. Wireless people counters are installed without disturbing the existing design and do not require installation of wires for communication and supply.

  • Last Updated:Friday 13 May 2022, 17:24:01.