RTR System Software

 Software Included with RTR-500 Base Units

Each of the RTR-500 Series Base unit variants (RTR-500GSM, RTR-500DC, RTR-500AW, RTR-500NW) is supplied with free software to enable easy configuration and management.  Several of the features of this software are illustrated below.

Graph"Settings Utility" Program makes Settings a Snap!
The Settings Utility application is used to take care of all Base Unit settings and registration of Remote Units and Repeaters.  After having registered and placed the Remote Units and Repeaters in the field, it is possible to run communication tests to check signal strength between the various units to ensure stable communication.

Easy-to-Understand Operation Guide
The Operation Guide that is part of the software uses easy to understand terms to assist you through the necessary steps and setting procedures.  If you encounter problems during setup, simply open the Operation Guide in the same on-screen window and adjust settings whilst consulting the Guide.  

Difficult Cellular Phone Network Settings made Easy
When using the RTR-500GSM, we have included an "Initial Settings Wizard" which guides you through what would otherwise be a fairly complicated process of setting up the unit for GSM network communication.  Just insert the SIM Card and turn on the Wizard.
Intuitive User-Friendly Graph Tools (Temperature / Humidity Graph and Multi-Scale Graph)
With either program you can view up to eight channels of data in one graph.  The intuitive operations of the Graph programs allow the User to easily hide or view channels, zoom in and out on data, switch back and forth from °C to °F, and view data in table form.

Viewing Data

View in Table Form Graph data can be easily viewed as a data list. The highest and lowest values are shown in easily distinguishable colors.  From graph editing to data analysis, it is possible to hide, re-order and delete channels, edit recording start times, and make changes to colors used for the graph scale lines, data lines and background.  By moving the A and B cursor at the bottom of the graph, it is possible to view data readings for those points and the calculated difference between the points.  By saving graph data as CSV Format Text File data, that data can then be uploaded into common spreadsheet software for data analysis.

Remote Unit Adjustment Settings
When using multiple measuring devices, this function allows the user to correct for inaccuracies found in measured values when compared to a standard measurement (the value measured by the standard device).  Measurements can be adjusted and recorded based on a standard measurement. The RTR-500 Series Software allows for adjustment settings to be made to Remote Unit measurements by simply selecting the adjustment method from either "1 Point Adjustment" or "2 Point Adjustment" and entering the values for "Before Adjustment” and "After Adjustment".

T&D WebStorage Service
This is a free of charge service provided by T&D.  By having your data sent to and stored on the T&D WebStorage Service from any compartible product, the data can then be accessed for viewing and downloading via an internet browser from anywhere, anytime.  iOS and Android mobile device apps are also available.  Further details can be found at the T&D WebStorage Service home page.


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