TR-7xU Series Data Loggrers

T&D presents a new series of high-precision data loggers that send data directly to the T&D free "WebStorage Service".  Data is stored directly on the Internet and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The TR-71wf is a temperature data logger featuring a wide measurement range from -40 ° C to +110 ° C with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C.

The TR 72wf is a temperature and humidity data logger capable of measuring temperature from 0 ° C to +55 ° C with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C, and humidity from 10% to 95% RH with an accuracy of ± 5%.

The TR 72wf-H is similar to the TR-72wf but features a high precision sensor able to measure temperatures from -30 ° C to +80 ° C and humidity from 0% to 99 % relative humidity with a accuracy of ± 2.5 %.

Each model has a USB interface for settings and downloading data to a computer.  The units are powered by 2 AA Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries.  Connected to a wireless LAN, the batteries will last for about one year with data download once per hour.  Without wireless network communication the batteries will last approx. 1.5 years.

All three variants can send all alerts via email over the network. Direct contact with mobile phones can also be obtained.  Applications include hospitals , museums , department stores or other industrial fields.


TR-7xU 6

TR-73U 3-kanals datalogger med Temp, fuktighet och barometertryck

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TR-7xU 7

TR-74Ui 4-kanals datalogger. Temperatur, Fuktighet, Ljus samt UV-ljus

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TR-75wf 2 kanal Temperatur datalogger med termoelement och WiFi

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TR-76Ui 3 kanal datalogger för temperatur, fuktighet samt CO2

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